Interested in producing or submitting a program for Huntington Public Access TV?  
The technical requirements are pretty simple.  At the moment, it is best to submit a program on a DVD (at the best resolution possible.)  A DVD makes things simpler -- however, S-VHS, mini-DV, Hi-8, 8mm or VHS is also acceptable.  
A thirty minute program should be no longer than 28 minutes (this allows for lead-ins, PSA's, etc.)  An hour program should be 58 minutes or less.  A few seconds of black at the head and tail of each program is also helpful.  (A countdown at the head of the program is useful, but not a necessity.)  Of course, the program should be complete with titles, credits, copyright notice, etc.  It is the responsibility of the producer to secure and keep available all necessary legal documents (release forms, copyright clearances, etc..)  

Watch some of the programming on Huntington Comcast Channel 20 for examples of how other producers put together their work.

Any program aired on Public Access must be non-commercial.  Public Service Announcements and obsolete retro-ads from the past are the only commercials that appear on Public Access.

As far as content goes -- as long as it adheres to Comcast's no-profanity/no-nudity rules -- anything is game.  Of course, inflammatory hate-mongering, or anything that would be considered harmful to the community is frowned upon.  Since public access isn't controlled by conservative, moderate, or liberal agenda, the diversity of programming possible is endless.

Completed programs can be mailed to the following address:

PO Box 6694
Huntington, WV 25773-6694

Once we receive a program, it can be added to a two hour block of programming to air at the soonest possible date.
(Please enclose an SASE if you require the return of your DVD/Tape.)

Questions?  Email any questions, complaints or otherwise to:


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