You Are Missing the Following Programs
If You Are Not Watching:

U.S. Government Produced Programming:

Army Newswatch (Soldier’s Journal)
The American Veteran
Road To Recovery - Monthly program from Department of Health and Human Services
Education News Parents Can Use - Former program from US Department of Education

Educational Programming Series:

The Magic of Painting
The Wood Whisperer
Expedition New England - Nature
Kid's A Cookin'
The Simple Gourmet
Appetite For Entertaining
Story Connections
The Reading Lady
Tracing Your Family Roots
Grilldog Presents
The Culinary Kids
Kid Bytes
NASA 360
Preschool Adventures of Scuba Jack
The Garage With Steve Butler
The National Gallery of Art (Documentaries)
Clip Frames
Tracing Your Family Roots
Paint With Kevin
The Folklorist

Informational Programming Series:

Global 3000
Deutsche Welle - In Focus
Tomorrow Today
Making Movies In Ohio
Link TV Documentaries and Films
Global Report
Iraq Eyewitness
Green By Design
Perils For Pedestrians
Out and About With Roger Martin
Freedom Files
Talking About
A Skeptic Moment
Whistle Where You Work
Tai Chi Through the Seasons
Uncommon Sense
The Drexel Interview
How To Travel The World For Free

Educational/Informational Programming One-Time Production:

Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising"
There Ought To Be A Law
11 Bravo Vietnam - A Soldiers Story
They Are Still Here
The Promise of World Peace
A Tale of Two Women
Baseball Without Doris
Wisconsin Born and Bred: The Entertainers
Fix-It Shops: An Endangered Species
Why Do These Kids Love School?
Friends In Discovery
Into the Way of Peace
Stealing America, Vote By Vote
Lost In Laconia

Music, Sports, Variety and Entertainment - Series:

America's Best Student Shorts
Jook Joint (Blues)
Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction
Access To Bluegrass
Scotty J's Trailer Trash
Liberty News TV
Link TV World Music Videos
Hen House Studio Live
The Del Talk Show
The Happy Show
Midnight Monster Hop
Charles Cullen TV
The Mr. Sandman Show
Friendship Set To Music
8 Count Boxing
Saturday Fright Special
The Steve and Joe Show
Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers
Black Sky Cinema
Disc Golf Live
The Coffee House
Your Hit Parade
Midnight Mausoleum
The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck
After Hours With TC Restani
Reading Aloud With Judith McConnell
30 Odd Minutes
Baby Blue Arts Presents
Gravity Sports University

Local Productions - Series:

The Spirit of Halloween Short Film Showcase
The Lords of Fun
Championship Wrestling
Cinema Classics
Retro TV
Paranoia Playhouse
Cartoon Madhouse
Prof. Fortunato’s Fright Fest
Apex Wrestling
304 Wrestling
Seth Martin and Friends
Live At Trackside

Local One-Time Productions:

Huntington Television Premier of Teen-Age Strangler (1964)
Cabell County Library Childrens Reading Programs
Huntington High Schools Friday Night Live
Back To The Bottle
Lake Forest
At The Rivers Edge
Stonewall City
Holocaust Remembrance
Our Second Amendment: A Guarantee of Freedom
Standup Comics
Old Time Radio Television
Red Salt and Reynolds
The Ghosts of Greenbottom|
In The Ringer
Monsters In Autumn
HuntingtonNews Videos (2 episodes)
The Big Blue Meanie
Sound The Drum
Gun-Toting Squirrels
The Captives
The Making of The King of Iron Town
Give Thanks, America
Brain Dead
WV Ghost Investigators
Johnny Boy
The Rat and the Duck
Secrets of the Valley

WV Library Commission Productions

WV Author
WV Legacy
History Alive
Library Update

(All WVLC productions have aired sporadically on Huntington Public Access Channel 20.  The above listed WVLC programs air with monthly updates, when provided.)

...and many other programs too numerous to list.

© Richard Bartram 2013