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Watch & Support Public Access TV

Public Access Television is supported by hundreds of communities around the country. More hours of original programming is produced for public access TV than is produced by all of the major commercial networks combined. 

A number of talented and generous Public Access producers have provided much of the programming that is currently airing on Huntington Comcast Cable Channel 20. These are terrific examples of the diverse variety of programming that is the staple of Public Access Television.

For information about the programs currently showing on Huntington Public Access TV (Huntington Comcast Cable Channel 20) Click Here.

Become A Producer

If you have a passion or a cause, you can express yourself on Public Access Television. If you are an artist, a writer, a filmmaker, an actor, a musician, an activist, an organization, a union, (or any number of things) Huntington Public Access Television can be your voice.
And best of all -- it's FREE!

To find out how to get involved producing and airing your own program on Huntington Public Access TV, Click Here!


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