On October 15, 2013
Channel 20
Was eliminated from the Huntington Comcast 
Channel Lineup.

Are you an artist, an activist, a writer, a filmmaker, a civic group, a community theater, a labor union, a religious institute, a public school, a political organization...? Does your organization have a prominent voice in the community? Would you like to express yourself through the medium of television?

Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access Television channels provide both community groups and individuals with an indispensable tool to communicate to large audiences via the medium of cable TV. In return for their use of public rights-of-way, cable operators make these non-commercial channels available to allow media access to the local population.

Huntington Comcast Cable provides PEG Access on channels 20 (Community Public Access),24 (Government Access), and 25 (Educational/Information Access). 

Channel 25 is managed by Marshall University.
Channel 24 is utilized by the
City of Huntington.
Channel 20 is open to the community for non-commercial programming. 

Since April 2006, Huntington Public Access Television (Huntington Comcast Channel 20) has aired locally produced community programming, as well as educational, government and public access programming from around the country and the world.

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